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The human microbiome
& it's role in personlized, precision medicine 

It is currently estimated that the human microbiome is composed of ~3 trillion bacterial cells living in and around our body. That is an estimated 3-5lbs (1-2kg) of our human body weight.  This is 10X more bacterial cells, than our actual body's cells.  This is why people are calling the human microbiome, the body's missing or 'newly discovered' organ.

Knowing your microbiome, is like finding the 'missing negative',
to your body's 'wellness photograph'.  Once this 'photograph' or microbiome profile is known, one can use this profile to reset your microbiome back to it's orginal state.  This becomes extremely useful in acute or even chronic conditions where the treatment usually destroys the normal flora also known as the microbiome, along with the pathogens.  

Abundance and diversity of the gut microbiota have proven to not be enough as the sole indicator for the overall state of the microbiome.  Exact location is also very necessary amongst other important context - Flora Robotics™ has the solution.

Flora Therapeutics™ [Precision Probiota™], as 
Microbiome Therapies

The Human Microbiome is complex - therefore a more strategic focus is needed to give more context, and specificity to targeted therapies.  Flora Robotics will pinpoint and catalog the location or 'loci' within that particular environment, along with the abundance and diversty of the microbiota in communication with your body.  Only with this and other ancillary context, will precision microbiota™ therapy truly reach, it's full potential.

Tailored specific to the problem area, and making your probiota™ happy

Medicine is becoming increasingly more aware how large a role the microbiota plays in the stabilty of our wellness.    As a result, doctors are much less willing to prescribe antibiotics on a whim, that could not only destroy the enemy - but also your bacterial friends™.  Hence the dawn of precision, personalized medicine.

We are in the very early days, talking about brute force restoration of the microbiome - with increasingly better results.  Imagine a point where a targeted drink with your name on it is possible - we believe that Flora Theapeutics™ technology and strategy, will get us there.  

Together with these therapies, Flora Robotics™ represents an exponential advancement in technology which gives the abilty to discern between your probiota and pathogens, in a much more exact, cost effective, and therefore personalized way.

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